Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

Did you know that 12% of Americans are suffering from kidney stones? This percentage increases when you consider people who have already dealt with kidney stones in the past because they are 50% more likely to develop them again over the next decade. Certain risk factors can make someone more vulnerable to kidney stones, although there are ways to prevent kidney stones and reduce that risk over time.

Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

Suffering from symptoms of kidney stones? Looking for the most progressive and effective kidney stones treatment in Los Angeles? Keep reading as our experts help you understand what to expect when you have kidney stones and how to prevent them from coming back in the future.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are small, hardened masses that form inside the kidneys. They are often made up of different types of calcium that cannot be broken down and processed. These calcium deposits build up and cause a lot of pain and discomfort as they grow bigger.

Unfortunately, one of the only ways to get rid of kidney stones is to pass them through your urinary tract. This can be incredibly painful, and most people describe it as one of the most excruciating experiences they’ve ever gone through. If the kidney stone has grown too large, additional treatments and even surgical intervention may be needed.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

It can be hard to discover kidney stones right away, but as they continue to build up inside the kidneys, you will start to notice some discomfort and a sudden change in your bathroom habits. Some other common symptoms of kidney stones include:

  • Sharp pain in the back and sides
  • Radiating pain that comes forward to the abdomen and stomach
  • Groin pain
  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • Frequent urinating or the constant feeling of having to pee
  • Brown, red, or pink urine
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Chills and fever

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms severely, you might be dealing with an infection on top of your kidney stones. Visit the emergency room right away and make an appointment with your doctor about your immediate renal health.

3 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

Whether or not you are predisposed towards kidney stones, there are some practices you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce risk. Take a look at the top 3 things you can do right now to start working on your health:

Don’t Reduce Calcium Intake

Naturally, people believe that they need to reduce their calcium intake to prevent future kidney stones. Despite the fact that the stones are made of calcium deposits, lowering your daily calcium numbers can actually put you at a bigger risk for stones. Take a look at your sodium levels instead and work on reducing salt.

Sweat Can Be Dangerous

Sweating is good for you, but don’t overdo it. The more you sweat, the less you urinate, which can lead to a buildup of toxic materials in your kidneys. This is further exacerbated by the fact that your kidneys produce less urine while you sweat, giving more space for calcium deposits to rest.

Always Stay Hydrated

The more you drink, the more urine you allow your body to produce. Less urine means more toxic waste building up inside your body, leading to bigger and badder kidney stones. Stay hydrated with water and citrus juices every day to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.

Get Effective Kidney Stone Treatment ASAP

If you have had kidney stones in the past, you may be more likely to develop them again. You can work with a trusted urologist in Los Angeles to prevent kidney stones as much as possible. Work on building up new lifestyle habits that can keep your kidneys in great shape. Get in touch with Comprehensive Urology today to schedule your personal consultation!

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