The board certified, award winning urologists at Comprehensive Urology are experts in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. The team at Comprehensive Urology is an industry leader in providing cutting edge, minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer at every stage with compassion and an individualized approach to each and every patient.

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Prostate Biopsies

Imaging, diagnostic techniques and equipment for prostate cancer have greatly evolved in recent years. The urology team at Comprehensive Urology in Beverly Hills uses a combination of the most sophisticated and modern approaches available to offer patients as accurate and precise a diagnosis as possible at every stage.

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  • MRI Fusion Biopsy Imaging
  • Prostate Imaging
  • Prostate Mapping

Prostate Preservation

Traditional treatments for prostate cancer have typically involved applying radiation to the entire prostate gland, potentially leading to over-treatment. With new advancements in imaging and diagnostic capabilities, Comprehensive Urology can offer some patients targeted treatment through focal prostate cancer therapy. Contact Comprehensive Urology to learn if focal prostate cancer therapy is right for you.Prostate Cancer Staging Comprehensive Urology

Robotic Surgery

Modern robotic surgery equipment allows for minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery with more accuracy and precision than ever before. The Da Vinci Surgical System, a robotic, computer-guided surgical platform, is changing the face of surgery.

Radiation Therapy

Comprehensive Urology offers patients the most advanced treatment modalities available in the country. Call (310) 596-1409 today to learn more about:

  • MRI TrueBeam Therapy
  • MRI Brachytherapy

Learn More about Prostate Cancer

Need more information or have questions about a prostate cancer diagnosis or treatment? Comprehensive Urology offers tailored, individualized treatment to each patient. Find out how the urology team at Comprehensive Urology has helped scores of patients manage prostate cancer, and maintain an active and healthy quality of life.

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